Regional Park Monte San Bartolo

Regional Park Monte San Bartolo (Pesaro-Ita)


SOGGETTO GESTORE Authority Regional Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo
PROVVEDIMENTO ISTITUTIVO Regional Law n.15 28/04/1994

COMUNI INTERESSATI Pesaro e Gabicce Mare

COLLOCAZIONE The territory includes a row of hills parallel to the coast. Over time, the lithological composition of these hills has created two geo-morphologically different sectors: the generally steep sector, facing the sea, and the gentler rolling sector, facing the hinterland.
The S. Bartolo Park is characterised by high, intense sea-cliffs, going from Gabicce to Pesaro, a rarity in the Adriatic coast. The rest of the protected territory is made up of rural landscapes, cultivated since the 1950s, even in places where today it would be unthinkable, up to the sea.
MONITORAGGIO ECO-ETOLOGICO Bats Project, Raptors Migration Project, Ringing Centre Bristol Mountain, Peregrine Falcon Project, Study on the interactions between birds and agricultural activities, wintering waterfowl Project, Artificial Nests Project
ATTIVITÀ DI PROMOZIONE Environmental Education in the Park
CONTATTI Parco Naturale del Monte San Bartolo
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