Biological Protection Zone Tegnùe di Chioggia

Biological Protection Zone Tegnùe di Chioggia (Venice-Ita)


MANAGEMENT Municipality of Chioggia
FOUNDING DECREE Ministerial decree 05.08.2002 (GU n. 193 19.08.2002)
REGULATIONS Ordinance 32/06 of the Coast Guard of Chioggia

mappa tegnue chioggia

LOCATION The presence of underwater rocks out to the northern Adriatic Italian coast has been known since the XVIII century, as recorded in the writings of the abbot G. Olivi. Local fishermen called them "tegnùe" because they can hold and break fishing nets. Fishermen generally avoid these areas but they well know that these bottoms are teeming with fish.
Tegnùe are found in the northern Adriatic Sea at depths of between 15 and 40 metres. Their dimensions vary from small isolated blocks to outcrops hundreds of metres wide. The largest and most well known outcrops are located out of Chioggia.
MONITORING THE CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL PARAMETERS side-scan sonar for 3D scanning of the seabed
MONITORING THE ECO-ETHOLOGICAL PARAMETERS Populations of the seabed, fish populations, wildlife associated with gaseous emissions
PROMOTION ACTIVITIES Disclosure in schools

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